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I'm Back

2009-07-16 08:55:48 by SasukeOfAllSharingan

I was working on sounds in flash 8 yeah I was trying to figure it out but now I can do it i'm making a sprite animation right now so if you still need help just tell me ok!

I'm Back


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2009-07-21 21:23:57

Danzo has a sharingan........i mean u want some weed?
Jay and Silent Bob

SasukeOfAllSharingan responds:

Yeah I saw it in the issue and no i don't want some weed but thanks anyway


2009-07-21 21:31:28

you seem pretty good at flash could you help me make one

SasukeOfAllSharingan responds:

yes I can


2009-07-21 22:51:34

ryu originaly had red hair lolz

SasukeOfAllSharingan responds:

Yeah I saw it on the first game they had